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• 8/21/2017

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• 10/20/2013

Crazy Night Danceroid Member

Can you tell me, danceroid member who be:
Hatsune Miku:
Kagamine Len & Rin:
Kagamine Len:
Gakupo Kamui:
Gumi Megpoid:
Kaito Shion:
Luka Megurine:
Especially Gakupo Kamui. I love her dance
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• 7/4/2013

About plastic surgery

Hello ! Sorry if my english is bad. I want to talk about a "special" things : plastic surgery. I think some people who are here are old fan of Kozue and Ikura just like me, and have noticed that their faces changed. For example, look at these kozue's pictures :
Especially her eyes and nose. Now Ikura when she was in school :
She was already really cute I think. But here is Ikura now :
Don't you think she also made plastic surgery? What do you think about it ? Do you think there is other nicodancer who do the same ? (For example Miume) Do you think the new Danceroid's member make plastic surgery also (some of them are minor) ?
Some days ago, I find a discussion on the internet in japanese about Kozue who makes plastic surgery. And when some people said that Kozue represent, somewhere, a "model" for the japanese young people, it  make me react. In fact, a lot of young girls want to become like Kozue and I think, the problem is that, in Japan (and surely not only in Japan) the beautiful persons (not automatically but often) has made plastic surgery, in order, most of the time, to have they eyes more "open".
So, any reactions ?
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