Places, Interviews, and other notable activites that DANCEROID has participated in.

Kawaii Girl JapanEdit

Kawaii Girl Japan has been reporting for and interviewing famous and soon-to-be-famous Japanese singing and dance groups for years. And from time to time DANCEROID has managed to make an appearece on the famous site. From interviews to just for strait news, they are a fan favorite on the site.

Can't Stop Loving Idols!!Edit

Also, relating to Kawaii Girl Japan, Can't Stop Loving Idols!! is one of their most watched segments on the entire site. And former DANCEROID member, Kozue Aikawa, was a famous reporter for the segment.

To read more, visit The Famous Kozue.

J-Pop Summit Fes.Edit

Every year in San Francisco, CA, the notorious J-Pop Summit Festival, takes place in JapanTown. Usually coming in late July, the festival is home to hundreds of J-Pop groups, contests, and more. Hoping to spread Japanese Culture around the world.

Exicuting a stunning performance in 2011, DANCEROID is rumored to come out and perform at the J-Pop Summit Fes. again this year.

Nico Nico Dance MastersEdit

Nico Nico DougaEdit

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