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Welcome to the Danceroid Wiki, your choice for all that is Danceroid, IL♥VU, & Q'ulle! This site offers readers access to an incredible amount of information on these talented dance groups. For those who wish to join this epic journey of immersing yourself into this expansive universe, don't miss out on important Wiki and Danceroid-related updates; join the Wiki to track recent changes and news with ease and for free!

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Weskergirl1 Weskergirl1 14 November 2013

Ikura Dating Piko?

In these past few days, a video recording of someone’s namahousou has been posted on Niconico, spreading a rumor that Piko’s going out with Ikura...Well, it’s just RUMOR, of course. Piko himself also…

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Weskergirl1 Weskergirl1 26 August 2013

In Need of Japanese Translators

Hay everyone this is Weskergirl1 (founder),

You'll be pleased to know that we have resently put up a Japanese Ver. of the Danceroid wikia ( However, we are in need of Translator…

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Jmuniz1501 Jmuniz1501 13 May 2013

Check Us Out On DeviantArt

Hello everyone. If you dont already know, we are on Deviantart! We are working on making that page fully functing and running. If you would like to help out with the DeviantArt Page email us at dance…

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