Kozue is happy to state that her leg has healed. Youtubers are also glad to know she is healthy and dancing once more. The news on her condition was given in more detail by fans in the comments. As one person states:

"...Kozue's health is not a rumor, it's common knowledge amongst her fans as she's been writing in her blog all these can see the title says '(Kozue) Yeay yeay yeay cover(My leg has healed)' So of course people are gonna be asking about it, and it's also all in her blog for fans to read..."

"...Kozue said it her self, that's why fans keep asking about it today.She never said the name because it (her health condition} is a matter of PRIVACY. She did say she has weak health & had to visit doctors often since kid. She collapsed during DR tour but was fully recovered long ago. Just last week she had to skip a show because she had so much pain in her thigh and was put on doctor's stop from dancing, until now like the title says (my leg is healed)."

"...She explained in her boradcast over and over again to all the conspiracy theory questions like yours, that her departure is due to her health and she still loves DR. They didn't over use her, she does live shows for a JOB...She can't dance for a long time, so she went solo and acted in her own broadway show, TV drama & she still does gigs but only a couple songs at a time..."

"Only thing she's ever said was she was not very healthy and visited hospitals often ever since she was a kid. In March of 2012 she was hospitalized and realized that she couldn't keep up with the schedules of DR so she graduated in August after the tour to pursue her acting career. As for the title of this video (My leg has healed) refers to a few weeks ago she said on her blog her inner thigh was hurting and had to instead become an MC at one of the events that she was supposed to dance at."

Other fans are just down right happy that she is much better:

"Happy to see you healthy Kozue san."

"yeeeeeeeeeeey old room is back again =D"

"XD a precure song! It's so cute, I'm happy to see you dance to one. That's the ending song for Smile! PreCure ^_^"

"Good to see you healthy and well and energetic as ever :3" "good to see your feeling better :)"

"Awesome, so glad your back"

And of coarse, much more. Happy to see you healthy, Kozue-San.

~Danceroidwikia team

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