【VocaNicoNight4】DANCEROID「リリリリ★バーニングナイト」を踊ってみた 2013. 8

【VocaNicoNight4】DANCEROID「リリリリ★バーニングナイト」を踊ってみた 2013. 8.16


DANCEROID Opens for 八王子P at VocaNicoNight4

DANCEROID opens for 八王子P at VocaNicoNight4 by performing Lily Lily Burning Night. Some, however, think that the song choice was odd, since Lily Lily Burning Night is by Samfree, not 八王子P. However the two songs of 八王子P that DANCEROID has performed, (Distorted Princess and Baby Maniacs), haven't been modified for DANCEROID4 yet and the newest additions to DANCEROID4 also have yet to perform at one of 八王子P's concerts. Also, Samfree being DANCEROID's main contractor, it makes sense that they performed one of his songs.

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