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YuchaP (ゆちゃP) is a producer, and part of the Music group "Live Family" (ライブファミリー) as well as the representative of the circle "HxW." He mostly produces rock-styled songs. The songs have a certain sound, which gives a fast and refreshing feeling. He plays the guitar himself, and has gained a good reputation and popularity with such. His composition is influenced by the bands ACIDMAN and ELLEGARDEN.

He started with DTM and composing in 2008, with the first song being "Snow Fairy," but unlike today's songs, its genre was techno-pop. With "Kuusou Palette/Fantasy Palette," he created a big hit, which landed on second place on weekly rankings. Other songs, to have succeeded to get into the "Hall of Fame" are "Uso to Diamond (Liar and Diamond)," "Blackjack," "Poker Face," "Ippou Tsuukou (One-Way Route)," and "Suisou Catharsis (Sea Burial Catharsis)."

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